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This year is not like other years. And we have done some thinking. We hope some of our popular event can take place, but it is very unlikely that we can guide big, enthusiastic groups by bus to visit the gems of Dalsland. So in May 2021 we introduce a new service YOUR PRIVATE GUIDE. 

Once a month during the summer we arrange a very popular event at the manor Baldersnäs: Aquavit and cultural history at Baldernsnäs. A three hours walk along the shore of the peninsula, once upon a time the playground and ferme orné for the Wærn family. We walk through the memories of a romantic, English parc to the End of the World and the Sistimus stone. One of several dozen attractions built between 1823 and 1858. On a white tablecloths is delicious food från Öjentorp Restaurant at Baldersnäs, chosen to match the three type of aquavite from the forests of Kroppefjäll. Experience a new sensation when birch meets salmon, heather blend with cheese and rovan bring out the flavours of a deer.

Bygdedräkt på catwalkDalslandic costumes on catwalk A special event will take place the 27 of July at the wood warehouse at Baldersnäs. An uniqe chance so learn more abot the handcraft and history of folcloristic costumes from Dalsland.

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