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Aquavit and cultura history at Baldersnäs in Dalsland 2021

Carl Fredrik Wærn invested his heart into the romantic parc he created at Baldersnäs beautiful peninsula 1823 – 1858. Tha manor was named after the Old Norse God Balder and apart from fields, glasshouses, garden and orangerie there was more than 40 gazebos, benches, inscriptions and attractions around the parc for play and fun. We walk along the shore to the End of The World, the northern tip of the peninsula. Here your guide will introduce you to the craft of season your own aquavit with tastes from the wood, you will taste them together with well chosen local delicatesses from Öjentorps kök at Baldersnäs manor.

14 May 13.00
19 June 13.00
16 July 15.00
14 August 13.00

Limited participation. If the event is cancelled due to the pandemi you will get a full repayment. 

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